Compound Bow History


As a coach I was stunned and perplexed at the problem and agonized over a quick cure. It was apparent that shooting with a clicker was the problem and although she could shoot without one the scores were just not there as before. She had to buy a compound bow for sale. Over the span of July, 1995 to April of 1996 Stephanie had increased her draw length of her compound bow by 2 full inches!

Slowly over the period of the spring she regained her form of shooting the compound bow. She shot without a clicker (photo at left just after the growth spurt) and steadily improved her scores. By the North Region Outdoor in June she was back up to the high 1200s outdoors. Continue reading

Soundcloud promotion methods and tricks


Unfortunately, the best music and best artistes is not always the best seller! There are talents that are not used or recognized amidst us, so are there talented artistes who do not know how to promote their music in the right way and buy real  Soundcloud followers?. It might be due to ignorance or monetary restrictions. Whatever it is, the truth is that without good promotion no artiste or music can reach the masses, which is vital for their success.

Buy followers on Soundcloud and take your music to nook and corner of the world. Today, anyone can create music with the help of technology and put it online. The bad part of it is that there is too much tracks online, making recognition really hard. Here is where Soundcloud can help you. They know how to target your music to the right audiences and make them reliable followers of the music or album. Continue reading

How to Toughen Guitar Fingers

fingers guitar training

Learning how to play the guitar is not all that difficult but there are some things that you’re going to need to get used to. One of these is figuring out how to toughen guitar fingers so that pushing down on the strings does not hurt. This is especially the case if you are just about to learn to play electric guitar or if you’re picking it up after not playing it for quite some time. The pain can keep you from actually playing as long as you want or from concentrating on the music. Continue reading

Mobile’s ambassador


Estela Dorn is a petite woman who is quick on her feet.

She can bark commands through the sincerest of smiles.

And she has the ability to bring together people from 60 countries for a common cause — an act world leaders would envy. Continue reading

Tiebreaker system debated


Now that the Ole Miss-Arkansas game and its seven overtimes has been completed, there is a lot of talk concerning the tiebreaker system being used. That was a topic of much discussion during Wednesday’s Southeastern Conference teleconference with the league’s head coaches. Continue reading

Laughter & families


ARLINGTON NATIONAL CEMETERY, Va. — One year after Sept. 11, those chiseled words are still sharp on Lt. Col. Stephen Hyland Jr.’s gravestone. Weather and time haven’t worn them down like thousands of other stones here from American battles dating to the Civil War. Continue reading

Hitman – Ace of Killers storyline


I’m very grateful the scene on the front cover, as funny as it is, isn’t played out within the book. Ennis writes a very nice Selena Kyle– a woman who’s one step ahead of the hitmen, commands enough respect from Tommy that he doesn’t read her mind, and decides on a logical course based on enlightened self-interest as well as her own brand of justice and revenge. Continue reading